Stuart - English teacher

From: I come from New Zealand and I have worked as an English teacher in Alfa Language Club-Praha since April 2007.


Experience: I started teaching in 2001 in Liberec, I worked there for 5 years doing a range of job from being the Head of Children's Teaching, Planning youth project for the E.U. and planning summer camps to name just a few.  I moved to Prague in 2006 and worked solely with children until I started at Alfa LCP.  Now I work mainly with children working at two ZŠ in Prague 6.


Why AlfaLCP: For the friendly staff, small class numbers, and nice students.


About me: I was first in the Czech Republic in 1994 as an exchange student and lived  with a Czech family for 10 months.  I came back to the Czech Republic to visit them and got a job and stayed. I like watching films and reading when I have some free time and I have a weakness for chocolate. I enjoy spending time with my friends, going on trips with my friends and of course making new friends along the way.

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